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We are fully licensed/insured and will take care of you from the very beginning of your sale to the very end. This includes: sorting, organizing, pricing and displaying all merchandise, advertising your sale and adequately staffing your sale. We will also pack and transport any remaining merchandise after your sale should you choose to donate it to Fringe Benefits Thrift Store in Sheboygan.


We cover the majority of the expenses for your sale. We charge a reasonable commission based on the size and overall challenge of your estate sale. All proceeds from our commission benefit animal welfare.


Every estate is unique and we have learned to be adaptable, resourceful and creative in an effort to increase the success of any sale. We have the ability to tailor each sale to showcase its uniqueness. We work with you while planning the sale so that you're completely comfortable and at ease with your decisions. We are confident that by using our service you will be satisfied with the process and outcome of your estate sale. Please see our portfolio.