Fringe Benefits Estate Sales are well organized. We take pride in creating attractive displays and being detail oriented. Our team aims to find every heirloom a home through proper advertising, merchandising and quality customer service. We are know for being experienced in our line of work, for being able to manage large estates and for our talent of successfully selling antiques, collectibles, artwork, tools, home decor, seasonal items, furniture, rare finds, regular household items and even automobiles.

Below you can view some of our previously held estate sales and get a feeling for how we represent an estate.

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completed estate sale in MAY 2015

This was a darling little estate. We held the sale for 3 consecutive days and attracted a large crowd with our signs and advertisements which helped us to sell almost every single item.

completed estate sale in Feb. 2015

For this four day sale, we were hired by both the seller of the house and the buyer who purchased the home. We tailored the estate sale and managed it so both parties were able to take advantage of our service. It was a fabulous!

completed estate sale in JUly 2015

The family associated with this estate were in the antique business. We appraised, displayed and sold over 10,000 items. Due to the size of this estate, we ran the sale for two weekends. Our clients were thrilled with the outcome!

completed estate sale in Nov 2015

This was an estate sale held in Plymouth WI. Despite it's small size, there were many desirable items. We drew in a big crowd with our signs and advertising!

completed estate sale in Oct 2015

Located in Plymouth WI. this sale featured a collection of John Deere die cast models as well as collector plates, kitchenware, tools and yard tools,quilted items, 1960's GI Joe set, furniture and more. We ran the sale for 3 consecutive days.

completed estate sale in JUNE 2015

This unique sale featured original artwork, antiques, oriental rugs, musical instruments and so much more. We spent hours working with art collectors and advertising in surrounding areas  to help maximize the profits of this sale.

completed estate sale in April 2015

At this sale, we appraised, displayed and sold over 15,000 items!

Due to the high volume of items at this estate, we brought in extra display fixtures and ran the entire sale over the course of nine days, making it a HUGE success! Our clients couldn't have been happier!

Character Reference

I have known the staff of Fringe Benefits Thrift Store since 2003, after being introduced to them through an animal welfare organization.  I was initially impressed with their dedication to the humane welfare of all animals, their organizational skills, their attention to details, their genuine interest in people and the passion they bring to everything they do.  Those first impressions have never wavered in the years since and I continue to be amazed at the things they are able to accomplish and the skills with which they are able to accomplish them.
The Fringe Benefits staff and volunteers always act in a professional and caring manner.  They are appreciative of every item and opportunity they receive through the store, as well as in their personal lives. Their main goal and passion is always to help animals, to assist people and to maintain the highest level of integrity in the business world.  Their energy, resourcefulness  and caring is truly inspiring.
I consider it an honor to know everyone connected with Fringe Benefits and I never hesitate to encourage others to shop at the store, donate items and find out what great things they are doing for animals in our area.

Louise Hansen

completed estate sale in Jan 2016

What made this estate unique were the countless tools in like new condition. We spent days and nights appraising the items. Our advertising helped us sell nearly everything, including the '78 Impala!


Fringe Benefits Estate Sales recently completed an estate sale for me in Elkhart Lake, WI. My expectations of their service was surpassed! Their ability to organize the sale was nothing less than professional. Their staff was very well managed, timely and educated. They brought in displays to help organize the items I was selling and I was very impressed with their ability to appraise and price my items fairly which made for a profitable sale! I'm very happy I hired them because it was a job too big for myself and I'm a huge animal welfare supporter! I decided to donate items that did not sell during the sale to their store and they had things cleaned up and out of the house soon after the sale ended

Eschette/Zagorski Estate

I shop at Fringe Benefits Thrift Store often and I heard they do estate sales so I asked if they would be willing to do a sale for my storage unit. I had a lot of random things that I accumulated over the years and I thought it would be nice to get some cash for those items. They were willing to come and look at the unit and let me know it would be worth having a sale there. Within two weeks of me removing a few personal items I wanted to keep, they had racks and all sorts of decorative shelves loaded with my stuff. It looked amazing. It really was the best looking sale in a storage unit I've seen and I hit garage sales and estate sales when ever I can. That's why I needed to have a sale... too much stuff! The sale was more lucrative than I could have imagined, even after their commission I was smiling ear to ear. When all was said and done I donated the few remaining items from the sale to Fringe Benefits and got rid of the storage unit. I would recommend Fringe Benefits to run any estate sale or sale in general. They were very professional and I didn't have to lift a finger.

J.J Storage Unit Sale