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What do you charge?

Typically, we charge 45% commission which is applied to the estate sale's total net sales. We also typically collect a one time service fee of $250 which is payable at the time the service contract is entered.  At times, we will operate an estate sale under other terms.

How long does it take to have a sale?

The time it takes to have a sale depends on the size and overall challenge of the sale. Organizing your sale takes several steps. First, we have to schedule your free consultation which will be held on-site where the sale is to be held. Then, we must enter the service contract agreement. These two steps take an average of one week. Next, we must prepare to have your sale by cleaning, sorting, pricing, displaying and advertising - this takes a minimum of 3 weeks. We will give you a more precise time frame upon your free consultation.

Will you clean before and after the sale?

Within reason, we will clean before and after the sale. We have a waste removal clause in our service contract agreement and will clear away enough debris for a sale to be held. We are not responsible for paperwork, food or toiletry items, or hazardous waste materials that require special disposal (such as florescent bulbs, tires, harmful chemicals, etc). Upon completion of the sale, we will leave the property in an orderly fashion so that it is ready for sale or otherwise.

How many days will my sale be held?

A typical estate sale will run for three or more days and will included some of at least one weekend.

Do I need to be there during the sale?

No. You do not need to be at the sale, nor do you need to be there while we are organizing for your sale to be held.

Will you conduct a final walk through before the sale is to be held?

Yes, at your request we will conduct a final walk through with you. Please know that it is very important to us that the appearance and outcome of your estate sale meets or exceeds your expectations.

How do I prepare for the sale?

The best thing you can do to prepare for the sale is to remove all personal property (family photos, documents, etc.) or contain it an area that can be sectioned off from the public during the sale. You can also rid the property of obvious waste. We ask that you leave the rest of the sorting to us. As experts in the field of resale, we will determine what is sellable and what is not.

Since this service is through a non-profit organization, are there tax-deduction benefits I should be aware of?

At times there are. Please speak with your accountant about all tax-deduction benefits applicable to your situation.

Do you transfer items from estate sale to estate sale?

No we do not.

What should I do with items left over after the sale is held?

By using our service you have the opportunity to donate any left over goods (tax-deductible) to Fringe Benefits Thrift Store. Please note Fringe Benefits may not be able to take all remaining items. We will leave onsite any items we cannot take to our store.

What if I only want to donate some of the left-over goods?

We are more than happy to leave on-site any items you wish to keep.

How long will it take you to clean up after a sale?

We require a minimum 7 business days to clean up after a sale.