why WE OFFER estate and household sales

Our team has over 50 years of combined resale experience. By offering this service, we share our skills and success in resale to support people during their time of need or change. We are also dedicated to our mission of helping animals and this is an innovative, on-going fundraiser to benefit the animals and organizations in need.

we care about the earth

We believe in recycling through resale. We love re-homing items and through experience, we have learned that what may appear to have no resale value to one may be very desirable to another. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure! We also participate in numerous recycling programs to help keep items of of landfills and have many outlets for items that are truly unsellable. 

How Our Estate sales Work

A free consultation is provided at the property where the estate sale will be held. We will conduct a walk through with you to assess the amount of inventory and overall challenge of the sale. We will at that time suggest sale dates based on the time needed to properly organize and advertise your sale. After the consultation, a service contract is drawn up detailing the scope of our services specific to your sale and the agreed upon commission rate.

Tax deduction benefit

By working with us, you have the option to donate any goods remaining after your sale to Fringe Benefits Thrift Store.  Your donation is tax deductible and the items will be transported by our staff as part of our service to you. You will also receive a discounted commission rate for choosing this option.

We Measure Our Success By Your Success!

We are detail orientated and give our full attention to the success of your sale. Upon completing the free consultation and service contract, expect it to take several weeks for us to prepare for your sale to be held. Your sale will be held for the appropriate length of time needed for all items to have a fair chance to find a home.

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We will conduct your estate sale under three main objectives:

  • To sell all items.
  • To maximize profit.
  • To help animals.